Rock climbing is one of the challenging sports that can put to test not only your physical endurance but also your mental strength. You can also help in reducing your mental stress level.

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Following are few benefits obtained from rock climbing:

  • Provides cardio and also strength building

Both indoor as well as outdoor rock climbing will help you gain your muscle strength and also this exercise can improve your heart rate for providing cardio benefit.

  • Strengthens your muscles

Following muscles of your body will get strengthened due to rock climbing:

·       Abs

·       Biceps

·       Calves

·       Delts

·       Lats

·       Obliques

·       Quads

·       Traps

So, almost all major muscles will get activated while you are engaged in rock climbing.

  • Improves flexibility

During rock climbing lots of motion of your body will be raised up. So, while you are climbing your body flexibility will also improve. You must actively engage in this sport at least 3 to 4 times in a weak to maintain flexibility.

  • Reduces your stress

As you raise your norepinephrine levels, certain neurotransmitter present in your body will release your stress.

If you are involved in rock climbing, and able to reach certain target, you can create a sense of exhilaration which can reduce your stress.

  • Increases your mental strength

Also, useful for brain as you have to get involved in different problem-solving during rock climbing that help mind to work and your hand and eye coordination will also improve.

  • Helps to conquer fear

Fear is one of the barriers that block your achievement and as soon as you break this barrier you can conquer your fear.

  • Can ward of various chronic illnesses

You can get rid of your few chronic diseases like high BP, cholesterol and diabetes too.

  • Helps burning calories

Rock climbing will make you to do plenty of physical efforts which will eventually lead to lots of calorie burning that will depend on your weight too.

  • Provides an amazing experience

You will surely get an amazing experience when you start breaking many of your records and as a result you will feel really great. 

  • You get a sense of victory

By coming out from your comfort zone, you will now know how you challenge yourself, you have conquered your fears, gone beyond your physical limitations and your mental abilities you will get a sense of victory.

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