Vaper’s tongue is also called vaper’s fatigue when a person cannot taste their ejuice flavor at one point in time. This is a very common thing to happen, so there is nothing to worry about. This takes place because of olfactory fatigue. This happens when you become immune to a specific smell temporarily after prolonged exposure. If you are thinking how your sense of smell is related to tasting, let us enlighten you.

This is because your olfactory system or the nerve cells present in your nose also helps you in tasting the flavor. When you combine your taste buds and nose, you get a chemosensory system happening via a transduction process. In other words, you can taste because your brain can sense various signals coming from the nerve cells in your mouth, nose and throat. Hence, your mind can sense flavor via transduction process. If you hold your nose while eating, you may notice that the food tastes dull. Researchers have also found that the food can be tasted without even touching your tongue. Brain plays an essential role when it comes to tasting flavor.

How is vaper’s tongue caused?

Taste fatigue, palate fatigue or flavor fatigue takes places when the cheap vape juice fades after constant exposure. The same goes for when smokers cannot smell the smoke as they have been in the smell for long. Sensory or neural adaptation is why vaper’s fatigue takes place. When being exposed to the smell for long periods of time, your sensory receptors also adjust and diminish the rate of firing signals to fade away the flavor or aroma over time.

Why does our brain cause vaper’s tongue?

Researchers have tried their best to comprehend sensory adaptation. They claim that our brain acts from survival mechanism. It is like in order to avoid dangers like rotten food, smoke or any smell. Our brain also senses smells which are non threatening. While on it, we also sense the factors that are rendering us cautious of certain smells that make your nose more sensitive, letting you adapt to threatening smells gradually. When using same e-liquid flavor, vaper’s tongue may happen because of sensory adaptation. This could be one of the reasons you are experiencing vapor’s tongue and there could be a lot more as well.

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