Every woman wants to look her best and having glowing skin is a sign of being healthy. A slight blush to the cheeks is often considered attractive but when flushing is constant or severe, could it be a sign of health concerns? It is important women understand the reasons they might experience flushed skin so they will know if there are any health concerns present in their body.

What Can Cause Chronic SKin Flushing?

While a little bit of blushing makes a woman look young and vibrant, too much can detract from her beauty and cause her to feel embarrassed about her appearance. As a woman ages, she is more likely to develop health and skin conditions that might cause excessive flushing in the face. The following information seeks to inform women of why this might occur so they will know if they need to see their doctor for treatment.

  • Rosacea is a common reason for facial flushing and producing a red rash across the cheeks and on the nose. If a woman suspects she may be suffering from rosacea, it is important she seeks treatment from her doctor. Without treatment, the condition tends to worsen. Treatment sometimes involves antibiotics and acne medications.
  • Lupus is a serious medical condition that often causes a red “butterfly” rash across the cheeks and nose. This rash does not go away on its own and the condition can be life-threatening so it is important a person sees their doctor if they develop redness on their face.
  • Chronic flushing can sometimes be caused by excessive alcohol consumption. If a woman is experiencing flushing when she drinks alcohol, cutting back on consumption can help her to avoid that embarrassing flush.

Flushing Is Sometimes Normal

Women with fair skin are more likely to develop flushing and this does not always mean there is an underlying medical condition present. If a woman suspects one of the above conditions is causing her flushing, it behooves her to seek a doctor right away. Most of these skin conditions can be managed with the right treatment intervention from prescriptions and medical treatments.